About this blog...

I am often asked about my ramblings and musings. I think about all kinds of things, things that just pop in my head... then tumble onto the next topic, sometimes linked, sometimes not. I think of this as domino thinking.

Imagine all the domino's lined up, side by side, like that game you could buy as a kid, domino rally. You flick the first domino and it knocks the next, which knocks the next and so on... This is how I think. I start off with one subject, then turn my attentions to something else. I start by talking about my pen not working and end up discussing Chinese government issues (ok, not strictly true, I know nothing about China... Isn't that where Panda's come from??) all within the space of 5 mins.

I can be grumpy, I try to be funny, but generally I ramble about something and nothing.

So I thought I would put these ramblings down on "paper". I have never done this before, but thought what the heck - here we go!!

The topics will hopefully delight, frustrate and maybe even anger in equal measure, but regardless I hope you enjoy!

And seriously, do feel free to comment or put your opinion forward!!